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Main Chakras


Crown Chakra - 7th

When this chakra is open you're aware of the world, self & unprejudiced. When underachieve you're not as spiritually aware. When overactive you could be over intellectualizing thing & ignoring your bodys needs.

Sanskrit Name:  Sanasrar Chakra

Color:  Violet 

Musical Note:  B

Sound:  Om

Location:  Top of head

Parts of body:  Brain & nervous system

Endocrine Gland: Pineal (regulates sleep & produces melatonin)

Crystals:  clear quartz, amethyst, diamond, ametrine, olive, lepidolite


Brow Chakra (3rd eye) - 6th

This chakra is about insight & visualization. When open you have good intuition, When under active you have a hard time thinking for yourself (indecisive) & rely on others. When over active you may not have a realistic view on things(fantasy).

Sanskrit Name:  Anja Chakra 

Color:  Indigo or purple

Musical Note:  G

Sound:  SHAM (Sha-um)

Location:  Center of forehead

Parts of body:  Temple, forehead

Endocrine Gland:  Pituitary Gland (master gland)

Crystals: amethyst, kyanite, flourite, iolite & others


Throat Chakra - 5th

This chakra is about self expression. When open no problem expressing yourself & are good at voicing your thoughts, ideas or emotions.  When under active you don't speak much especially not for yourself & probably shy about speaking. When you're not peaking your truth you block this chakra. 

Sanskrit Name:  Visshuda Chakra

Color:  Blue

Musical Note:  G

Sound:  HAM (ha-um)

Location: Throat, 

Parts of body:  Throat, Neck, Arms, Hands

Endocrine Gland:  Thyroid; regulates heart, blood pressure, body temperature & rate at which body is converted to energy 

Crystals:  lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise, blue lace agate, celestite, sapphire, blue topaz


Heart Chakra - 4th

This chakra is about love, affection, & kindness. When its open you're friendly, compassionate & you're in harmony with others.  When this is closed you are cold or distant.

Sanskrit Name: Anahata Charka 

Color:  Green

Musical Note:  F

Sound:  Yam (ya-um)

Location:  center of chest
Parts of body:  heart, circulation system, lungs, chest

Endocrine Gland:  Thymus (immune system)

Crystals: green aventurine, emerald, malachite, moldavite, peridot, pink quartz


Solar Plexus Chakra - 3rd

When this chakra is open & strong you are confident with healthy self esteem. You feel empowered & want the same for others. When closed or weak the opposite is true.  It is the point for personal power & will, taking action in the world, & confidence. IT can also be the place for fear, anger & your gut instincts.  

Sanskrti Name:  Manipura Chakra 

Color:  Yellow

Musical Note: E

Sound:  RAM (ra-um)

Location:  Solar Plexus Upper Stomach/ belly button area & up)

Parts of body:  Solar Plexus, large intestines, skin, stomach, liver, muscular system

Endocrine Gland:  Pancreas (produces chemicals crucial for proper digestion  & sugar regulation) 

Crystals:  citrine, yellow calcite, yellow jade, yellow flourite, golden tiger eye


Sacral Chakra - 2nd

This charka is associated with emotions, desire, imagination, supplies energy for sexuality, reproduction, enjoyment of life,& physical attraction in relationships.  When its open & strong yore able to attract the right ppl/partners, if closed or weak you'll attract incompatible partners.

Sanskrit Name:  Swadisthana Chakra 

Color:  Orange 

Musical Note:  D

Sound:  VAM (Vfam) (Faaaaammmmm)

Location:  Abdomen Center (belly button & down)

Parts of the body:  lumbar, reproductive, sexual organs

Endocrine Gland:  Gonands (production of sex cells; ovaries/testes)

Crystals:  carnelian, orange calcite, amber, golden topaz, citrine,


Root Chakra - 1st

This chakra is related to survival. If open & strong you feel good about yourself if weak or closed you don't & may feel worthless or uncomfortable in your own skin.  It supplies the energy for the will to live & is involved with our need for food, shelter, good health, clothing & basic necessities of life. Linked to security material wealth.

Sanskrit Name:  Muladhura Chakra 

Color:  Red

Musical Note:  C

Sound:  LAM (La-um)

Location:  Perineum (base of spine, tip of tailbone, between anus & sex organ)

Parts of body:  Prostate i men, bladder, elimination system, lymph stem, skelton system, teeth, sacral plexus, lower extremities, 

Endocrine Gland:  Adrenal Glands (produces cortisol, DHEA, adrenaline, & noradrenaline)

Crystals:  ruby, granite, red jasper, red jade, red carnelian


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