Healthy Self = Heal They Self

It has been said that food is medicine and also that when we eat we are either feeding disease or fighting it.  It is probably impossible to pursue optimal health without attending to proper diet & nutrition.   This supports all of the body’s tissues, organs, systems, & digestive health is increasingly considered to be the foundation of many important functions from immune health to inflammation control. Quantum Rejuvenation has developed a relationship with individuals who are able to consult with clients regarding ideas to improve approach to eating, diet, & digestive health. These consultations can be done privately or in group settings in independent settings, & have variable costs involved.  When you are ready to add this component to your pursuit of optimal health, please contact us at 407-729-6999 to discuss options & directions you might want to consider.

Personal Training

Get physical each day with movement by either going for a brisk walk or your local gym.  There are lots of new cross fit clubs out there too.  The point is to push your body to do more than the society norm. stay active its he best way to keep your body performing the way its meant to.  Consult a doctor for any concerns. You may be interested in getting a personal trainer to get you past that initial hump of getting started.  You're worth the investment.   

Water Quality

There are many options out there for water filters, but not all sites will offer you a fluoride filter, so do your due diligence & be sure you're giving your family the best quality water available to you.  Consider alkaline water to keep the body in balance. Remember if the bodys PH is balanced then no dis- ease can live there! Adding lemon to your water is a great way to start.  

Classes in St Cloud Fl beneficial for nutritional education purposes:

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Nutritional Resources


Katherine Portalatin, Raw Food Educator


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Self Care Recommendations


Michele Rodriguez, LMT, MLD/C MA #78341

Call to schedule an appointment 407-692-5653 


Katerine Portalatin, Therapeutic Massage MA# 55975

Call to schedule an appointment 407-460-4455


Trisha Loubier, Yoga Instructor/Fitness Trainer

Local Fitness Trainer


Raul Penagos, Personal Trainer


Kelly Wiseman, BS, E-RYT

Yoga Instructor